07.03.2010 – 07.03.2013


3 years already,
journey to build peace through diverse identities
with sharing experiences and knowledge
strengthen each other
to create environment with better understanding of diversity

3 years already,
it\’s not an easy journey
full ups and down
where commitment become the reason to stay
and priority become the reason to leave
but dream for a better world for peace through diversity
always be tied us in one chain

3 years already,
will not stop today cause we are moving forward
with all of your contribution
shape our dream to be reality
a better understanding of diverse sexual and faith identities
so, there will be peace among us

Feliz Cumpleaños Youth Interfaith Forum on Sexuality (YIFoS)



[reflection 07.03.2010 – 07.03.2013]
dedicated to founder, crew, member, and all peacemaker
Viva La Vida !!!

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